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Heart Services + Programs


Heart Centre, St. Paul’s Hospital/Providence Health Care includes:
Prevention Clinic
Healthy Heart Program
Pacific Adult Congenital Heart Clinic
Heart Function Clinic
Atrial Fibrillation Clinic

Leslie Diamond Women’s Heart Health Clinic, Vancouver General Hospital

The women’s heart program is a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic clinic for women with documented or suspected heart disease.  We will see any woman but specifically are interested in the following patients:

  • Women with undifferentiated chest pain who may have microvascular coronary dysfunction or CAD and require work-up and treatment
  • Women with chest pain and/or ACS with documented normal coronary arteries (on catheterization or CT-coronary angiogram) where there is suspicion for microvascular coronary dysfunction (formerly called Syndrome X)
  • Women with multiple visits to the Emergency Room for chest pain with still no definitive diagnosis
  • Women with cardiac disease and other comorbidities such as osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms
  • Women who are post-partum and need to be followed long-term for a diagnosis made during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia, coronary dissection, peri-partum cardiomyopathy, etc.)

Provincial Services and Resources

Cardiac Services BC
Cardiac Services BC is an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and, in some cases, funding cardiac services across the province in collaboration with senior administrators and physicians in the other health authorities.

BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program
The BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program (BCIAP) provides British Columbians with inherited arrhythmias streamlined access to cardiogenetic services and improved continuity of care.

BC Heart Failure Network
BC’s Heart Failure Network generates and shares accurate, current, and relevant heart failure information for health care professionals and patients in BC.

Healthy Heart/Cardiac Rehab Programs in British Columbia

Educational Resources

Healthy Heart Resource Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon’s health information webpage features current Canadian content that has been developed and approved by Heart and Stroke Foundation medical and other experts.

More general educational resources can be found here.